Selected Publications which indicates specific issues and contribute with unique doctrine are listed below.


  1. Squeeze-out and Buy-out Rights in Joint Stock Companies, a comparative analysis of domestic and international law– Seçkin Publishing House, İstanbul, 2016 (2. edition in hand)
  2. Protection of Equity Investors – Seçkin Publishing House, Ankara, 2001 (2.edition in hand)


  1. Takeovers and M&A due to the Turkish Commercial Code, İstanbul Anadolu Court Journal, Jan. 2015 (pp. 28-29)
  2. Privatization By Public Offering Process, Journal of Terazi Law, Y:2 V:12, Aug. 2007 (pp. 31- 50)
  3. Cumulative Voting – I,  Journal of Terazi Law, Y:2 V:14, Oct. 2007 (pp. 19-31)
  4. Cumulative Voting – II,  Journal of Terazi Law, Y:2 V:15, Nov. 2007 (pp. 19-31)

Academic Papers and Conferences

  1. Business Law – University of Maltepe, 2016
  2. Banking & Finance Law – University of Boğaziçi, 2004
  3. Commercial Enterprises & Corporate Law – University of İstanbul, 2004
  4. Introduction to Turkish Law – T. İş Bank In-House Training, 2004

Article under Review

  1. Proportionality Analysis in Investor State Arbitration, Towards Certainty, London, 2018 – under supervison of Prof. Dr. Loukas Mistelis 
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